Online Bingo for Real Money

Real money online bingo rooms came on the scene around the same time as poker rooms and casinos. Bingo differs quite a bit from both real money casino and poker gambling and the difference is readily apparent when you compare the strategies used to attract and retain bingo players. Online bingo is completely luck based, and is considered to be the most sociable form of real money online gambling. Real money bingo sites cultivate a very friendly atmosphere which basically creates a tight-knit community at each bingo room. People play bingo online for real money with the hope of winning, but it is also somewhat of a social occasion. Friendships are made and cliques are formed. Some Internet bingo players get so caught up in the friendly atmosphere that chatting with their friends becomes their main reason for playing. Most appreciate both aspects of the modern day online bingo room though. You can make friends and win some money in the process without the risk of getting in over your head, which is easy to do with other forms of online gambling. Online bingo is quite different from live bingo. Bingo at church events, festivals, brick and mortar bingo parlors and other live events is dominated by older women. Online bingo is primarily played by women as well but there are many men that play too. You will notice that many online bingo players are in their 20’s and 30’s, which is a rarity at live bingo games. This article will cover 888 Bingo, the Internet’s leading bingo room. Learn how you can claim some free cash and play online bingo for real money before you make a deposit.

Real Money Bingo At 888

888 is the capital of real money bingo on the Internet. 888 opened their bingo room in 2005 and have since grown into one of the most popular places to play online. Some of this success can be credited to things that have nothing to do with their actual bingo site. Women are the primary online bingo players, many of which have very limited Internet experience, so a well known and highly trusted brand like 888 has a huge advantage over small time start-ups. 888 is practically a household name in the United Kingdom and Europe so many bingo players feel safer with them. 888 has a popular poker room, casino, sports book and all of their online gambling properties, including the bingo room, use the latest technology. This includes a 3D casino, webcam poker tables and a live dealer casino. The software that 888 uses for bingo is easily the most advanced on the market today. It is highly functional, fast and more importantly, easy to use.

The simplicity of the software is a major advantage 888 has over other bingo sites that use outdated, slow and buggy platforms. 888 is also home to the best bingo loyalty program in the world. The BFF (Bingo Friends Forever) loyalty program has three levels.

BFF Pink – This is the first level. Once you have signed up you will receive £1 for free to try out the bingo games. £1 isn’t much, but 888 Bingo offers many low buy-in games so you can use this money to play up to 20 games of bingo. You do not even have to make a deposit to receive this money. You only need to register a credit card.

BFF Gold – To become a BFF Gold member you need to have deposited a total of £1,500 into your account. That may seem like am lot, but there is no time limit so you have all of the time in the world. You can speed up the process by cashing out your winnings and re-depositing some of the money on a regular basis. The benefits of being a BFF Gold member will certainly make it worth the trouble. 888 runs special Gold member only games and promotions. You will be assigned to a special BFF Team, who will treat you like royalty. They will give you free tickets to 888’s top promotions and your cashout limit will be increased. This is especially useful when you hit one of the many progressive jackpots at 888 Bingo. You will also receive special cashback offers and gifts all year long.

BFF Platinum – This is the top tier and you will reach it when your life-time deposits exceed £3,500. You will receive all of the benefits listed above except for one. The BFF Team will be replaced by a specialist account manager whose only job is to keep you happy. This one-on-one service comes with many benefits that are not listed on the 888 Bingo website because every relationship is different. You will also get to play in the Platinum member only bingo room, which is open every day from 19:00 to 22:00 GMT. This exclusive room is shrouded in secrecy and the benefits of membership are a closely guarded secret so you will have to find out what all of the fuss is about on your own.

That BFF program is just one of many promotions at 888 Bingo. They regularly update their promotions so I will only list the general details for the common promotions available at 888.

Prize Drawings – This month they are giving away several top-end kitchen appliances, but next month it could be something else that is equally cool.

Guaranteed Jackpots – 888 regularly guarantees many of the prize pools for their bingo games. If a bingo game has a £1,000 GTD prize pool and only £500 in cards are bought, you will be getting double the value for your money.

Free Giveaways – They are currently giving away £20,000 worth of free prizes. This includes a week long Alaskan cruise that comes with £2,000 in spending money.

Happy Hour – On Mondays between 4:00pm and 6:00pm you will earn twice as many loyalty points for your play.

Bingo Tournaments – 888’s Team Bingo promotion allows you to team up with three of your closest bingo buddies and compete with other teams to win 1,000,000 loyalty points, worth £1,000.

Progressive Jackpots – 888 Bingo is home to many jackpots including the £1,000,000 Coverall Jackpot. The potential to win a massive amount of money during every single game of bingo you play really adds a lot of excitement that just isn’t there when you play live bingo.

888 Bingo will give new real money bingo players a 100% match bonus on deposits ranging from £10 to £100. All future deposits will receive a 50% cashback bonus. This is something that you will never get when you play bingo offline. 888 Bingo has a wide range of specialized bingo rooms. Some rooms have been designed for those who only want to buy >£1 in cards per game while other rooms are for real money bingo fans that want to play for larger prizes. Chat is available in each of the rooms and there is usually at least one bingo host in each. These hosts can answer any questions you may have and give away cool prizes.