Online Gambling for Real Money

Online gambling encompasses much more than most people think. If there is a way to gamble on a game you can bet there is a site out there for it. People have been gambling online for real money for well over a decade. The entire Internet gambling industry has grown and evolved over the years. Their land-based competition has not been able to compete with the new concepts and technologies used by the online gambling sector. Brick and mortar casinos, poker rooms and bingo halls have not changed much in decades, but their online based cousins have been able to re-invent the entire business and offer a superior service. I can and will give you several examples of this for each of the major forms of online gambling. In addition to that I will also point you in the right direction in regards to finding the best place to play poker, bingo and casino games for money.

Online Casino Gambling For Real Money

There are so many reasons why online real money casinos dominate brick and mortar (B&M) casinos in terms of quality. Don’t get me wrong, I love the B&M casino experience just as much as the next guy but I only take the trip when I am feeling nostalgic. The unique casino atmosphere will always appeal to some but more and more people are placing 90% or more of their wagers at an online casino. Here is a list of reasons why online casinos are becoming the status quo for many gamblers.

Convenience – Why take a drive, sometimes a long drive, to your local casino when you can stay in your pajamas and play the same games at home? You can be looking at your cards or watching the Roulette wheel spin within 60 seconds of sitting down at your computer chair. It takes longer to park your car at a B&M casino.

Availability – Online casinos never close and you never have to wait for a table or machine to open up.

Game Variety – Brick and mortar casinos are usually classified in regards to size by the number of tables and machines they offer. A decent casino may be able to squeeze 1,000-1,500 of them into the relatively small space available to them. The actual variety they offer will be closer to 4-5 unique table games, 5-10 unique video poker games and 10-15 unique slot machine games. They have to have row upon row of the same game so more than one person can play a specific game, and that really reduces the actual variety found at a brick and mortar casino.

Online casinos have an almost limitless supply of tables and machines. Their space is measured in bytes instead of square feet, and I don’t have to point out which one is more abundant. Internet casinos tend to offer over 100 unique games. Table game players would have to visit several B&M casinos, on 2-3 different continents to play most of the games offered at an online casino. Some of the table games found online are only available online. Internet casinos regularly develop new table games or creative variants of existing games.

No Money? No Problem! – What would happen if you sat down at the Blackjack table at your local casino and told the dealer that you wanted to play for fun? That you didn’t bring any money? You would likely end up getting tossed in to the alley or possibly end up getting a free ride to the nearest hospital courtesy of the police for a mental evaluation. Online casinos offer all of their games to “play money” players. The casino basically gives you an unending supply of pretend money and you can use it to play any game you want, for as long as you want. Why would someone want to play for fun? It is the perfect way to transition to online casino gambling and learn how the software works. Online casinos typically offer 4-5 times as many games compared to their land based cousins so learning how to play at the fun money tables is the common-sense way to gain firsthand experience without risking anything. Testing out new strategies, at Blackjack for example, is another reason people play for fun money. I personally find it entertaining even when I have money in my account. It is much better than the casino based games available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or older gaming systems.

On A Budget? No Problem! – B&M casinos force real money gamblers to wager a certain amount on every game. Table games are typically the worst when it comes to minimum bet requirements. A Blackjack table only has so many seats so they are not going to let you bet $1, or even $.25, per hand. You will usually have to wager at least $10 per hand if you want to occupy that seat. Online casinos are completely different since you only take up an insignificant amount of space on a server. You can place real money bets that are a fraction of what a B&M casino would allow. This is perfect for real money gamblers on a budget, or people who are just starting out and do not want to risk much while they are learning.

Speed – This isn’t a big issue for slots or video poker players, but table game players will definitely appreciate the speed in which you can play games online. Blackjack, for example, at a B&M casino can be intolerably slow. People talk, people have to think, dealers shuffle and dealers count out chips. All of these things slow down the action which makes 75 hands per hour a fairly accurate average for Blackjack. When you play online Blackjack for real money you can play 1,000 hands per hour when you customize the speed settings. You can’t push a button on Stacy, your favorite B&M Blackjack dealer to make her work 10-15X faster. It also works the other way too. You can play take a break every 5 minutes and end up playing 20 hands per hour if you want. No one is going to complain if you take your time.

Bonuses, Promotions & Payout Percentages – Online casinos do not have a huge staff or a laundry list of expenses. The operational cost of an online casino is around .001% of that of a B&M casino. Where does all of this extra money go? They give it back to the customer. They can lower the house edge on their games, offer huge signup bonuses, regular promotions and rewarding loyalty programs because their day to day expenses are so low. When you make a deposit at an online casino to play their real money games you will receive what is called a despot bonus. This will typically be a 100-200% match of whatever you deposit. There are some requirements you must meet before you cash this free money out, but they are just in place to prevent bonus abuse and will not trouble anyone who comes to gamble.

The Best Real Money Online Casinos

888 Casino – 888 offers more ways to gamble for real money than any other casino. They boast three different types of casino; regular, 3D and live dealer. The regular casino uses one of the best platforms and is home to a large number of unique slots, video poker and table games. 888’s 3D casino is truly one of a kind. You will walk around the virtual casino and visit the tables and machines that you are interested in. You can even meet up and chat with your buddies while you are in the casino. This advanced software allows you to create your own avatar, chat with other people in the virtual casino and even make comical gestures whenever you want. Last but not least, is 888’s live dealer casino. They use high-tech webcam feeds and the latest computer software to provide a real-life casino gambling experience. The dealers are highly trained, beautiful and friendly young ladies that will answer any questions you may have about the game.

Win Palace Casino (U.S. Players Welcome) – Win Palace is standard online casino, but they use one of the best casino clients and have a large selection of games. Win Palace is home to some of the largest progressive jackpots and they offer an excellent welcome bonus package.

Go Wild Casino – Go Wild is both a live dealer and regular casino. The live dealer games available include real money Roulette, real money Blackjack and real money Baccarat. Go Wild offers unique bonuses and incentives on each of your first few deposits, and there are many cool promotions.

Casino Titan (U.S. Players Welcome) – Casino Titan is one of the few places that you can gamble at for real money before you make a deposit. This is possible by taking advantage of their free $7 promotion. They offer the largest first deposit casino bonus I have seen in several years, and their promotional line-up includes slot tournaments, weekly bonuses and other exciting promos.

Online Poker For Real Money

Online poker rooms are the most popular places to gamble for real money. Millions of people around the world sign in to an Internet poker room and visit the cash tables every day. Online poker rooms do not have a common off-line equivalent like online casinos do. Granted, you can play poker at many casinos, but it is usually restricted to a handful of tables. That is nothing compared to what is available online though. Here are some of the benefits real money online poker has over casino poker or home poker games.

Availability – Online poker rooms never close. Some online poker rooms have more customers at the tables in a single day than the city of Las Vegas has citizens.

Speed – Online poker allows you to play well over 100 hands per hour, several times more than live poker. You can even play at several tables simultaneously. You can basically play more hands online in a single day than you could in Las Vegas pulling 12 hour shifts, seven days a week, for an entire month. More hands equate to higher profits for skilled players.

Competition – Not too many inexperienced players can be found playing poker at B&M casinos. The competition is usually pretty stiff even when you factor in the tourists. Weak players are everywhere at an online poker room, and you can easily spot soft competition by viewing a table’s statistics. In short, experienced players will do much better online than they would offline.

Promotions & Bonuses – Online poker sites reward real money gamblers with signup bonuses, monthly promotions and insane VIP programs.

The Best Real Money Poker Room

888 Poker – 888 has always been recognized as one of the easiest poker rooms to win money at. Their casino, sportsbook and gambling services draw many inexperienced players to the poker tables. 888 Poker is currently the fifth largest poker site and is the only room to offer high quality webcam poker tables. They feature a $400 welcome bonus, massive free-to-enter tournaments with real money prize pools, unique promotions and a seven tier loyalty program which rewards active players with thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Online Bingo For Real Money

I’m not even going to bother listing the advantages that online bingo for real money has over live bingo because playing bingo offline is not even worth comparing to what is available online. 888 Bingo is one of the most popular places to play bingo for cash in the world. They are open 24/7 and feature jackpots that range from £50 to £1,000,000. Bingo games can be played for extremely small or large amounts of money, and everything in between. You can receive some free bingo money to gamble with to help you learn the ropes of playing online. If you decide to make a deposit you will receive a big bonus and free bingo cards. They offer special promotions that award prizes ranging from cash to dream vacation packages.