Online Keno for Real Money

Keno is a unique real money casino game that has much in common with lotteries. When you play online Keno for real money you have a chance to win extremely large amounts of money that typically dwarf the jackpots available through other casino games. The potential for huge payouts is somewhat offset by a large house advantage. The return in Keno will greatly vary depending on several factors. In some cases the odds are not that bad compared to other casino games, but it all depends on where you play at. Real money online Keno is available at nearly every Internet casino. This article will explain how Keno works and provide a list of casinos that offer better Keno odds than the industry average.

What Is Keno? How Does It Work?

Keno is a lottery based game that is completely based on luck so skill does not come into play. The standard version of keno uses 80 numbers, 1-80. You can pick between 1 and 15 numbers out of a total of 80. The requirements and payouts will vary depending on how many numbers you pick but the computer will always randomly pick 20 numbers. You win when the computer picks the numbers that you picked. The actual number you need to hit depends on how many you picked. Keno players will typically pick 10 numbers and will win if they hit 5 or more. Here is an example from Win Palace, one of our featured casinos for Keno players. The following information is based on a 10 number game.

– 5 hits – 1:1
– 6 hits – 22:1
– 7 hits – 150:1
– 8 hits – 1,000:1
– 9 hits – 5,000:1
– 10 hits – 25,000:1

So you can win anything from 1 credit to 25,000 credits. How much is a credit worth? That depends on how much real money you are wagering. For instance, Win Palace allows you to wager as low as $.01 a draw to $10 per draw. Hitting seven numbers at $.25 would win $37.50 and hitting 9 numbers would be worth $1,250.

Best Places To Play Keno Online For Real Money

The following online casinos offer Keno for free play and real money. You will notice that the Keno pay tables will differ from casino to casino. One may be better for players who prefer to play under ten numbers while another is better for those who play the maximum of 15 numbers. I suggest signing up for a free account, which only takes a couple minutes to find out which one offers the best odds for your style of play.

888 Casino – The real money Keno at 888 is tested for randomness by eCogra on a monthly basis. This guarantees a completely random experience so you won’t have to worry about the Keno game being fixed or anything like that. 888’s minimum bet for real money Keno is $1 and the maximum is $5.

Win Palace (U.S. Players Welcome) – The Random Number Generator (RNG) at Win Palace is tested by TST, the industry’s top auditing agency for casino software. Win Palace’s Keno has a maximum payout of $250,000, so I would choose another casino if you plan on wagering more than $1 on a single draw. Win Palace does allow you to wager as little as $.01 per game so they are ideal for real money Keno players that plan on wagering one dollar or less per game.

Go Wild Casino – Go Wild’s RNG is also tested for fairness by eCogra. The betting limits for their Keno range from $1 to $10. Many of you will enjoy the advanced casino platform used by this casino.

Casino Titan – This casino uses the same software as Win Palace, but there are some notable promotions that Keno players will appreciate. When you sign up you can receive $7 in real money to try out the Keno.

All of these online casinos offer huge deposit bonuses. To clear these bonuses you have to wager a certain amount of money. Low risk games like real money Blackjack or real money Baccarat tend to only partially count, or not count at all, in regards to clearing the bonus. Real money Keno wagers always count at 100% so it is an ideal game to play.

When you play Keno online you will enjoy some of the features offered by the various casino platforms. I especially like the “Quick Pick” feature. This automatically picks 10 numbers for you. Another option is playing multiple Keno games, back to back. Win Palace and Casino Titan allow you to play one, five and ten games.